Community Mediation Training

Community Mediation Services of St. Louis’ conducted training for a class of 13 during November and December 2016 in collaboration with the Ferguson-Dellwood Community Resource Center. Adding these volunteers with our existing experienced mediators means we probably will not provide training before the Fall of 2017.
If you are interested in being on the list for future training please send us an e-mail providing your interest, background and contact information.

40 Hours of Community Mediation Training

The community mediation training course will be held over three weekends following the introductory session, Friday evenings and Saturdays. The course is the standard 40-hours for community mediation although some of the course time will be reviewing u-tube mediations and completing homework. Participants will learn about community mediation theory and practice including the importance of co-mediation The course is highly interactive and all participants will participate in role playing and mock mediations assisted by experienced community mediators. They will study the nature of conflict and learn to recognize the different methods people use to handle conflict.

Fees and Expectations for Course participants

We ask that all participants in community mediation training commit to at least two years of service with Community Mediation Services of St. Louis. The cost of future training has not yet been determined but as a nonprofit we cannot afford to provide training at a financial lost.
– A graduate of the 2016 class stated the experience was far superior to a course he attended at a cost of $2000.
Application for Consideration

If you are interested in community mediation training complete our contact form and select “I want to volunteer”. Please give us a brief description of your background, what interests you about community mediation, and how you believe you will fit with the program.
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